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Lab & Robot



The wHiSPER project will make use of different measurement tools. In particular, it will exploit kinematics recording through an Optotrak Certus System. Additionally, eye tracking devices, as the Tobii Glasses will be used to investigate human gaze behavior during interaction. Then, a humanoid robotic platform will be both adopted as a measuring instrument and as a testbed of the derived model of human perception.

In order to study social interaction wHiSPER project uses iCub, a humanoid robot conformed on child shape. It can hear, see and move, it has the sense of touch and proprioception.  wHiSPER project’s iCub belongs to the 2.5 iCub generation.

Video by iCub HumanoidRobot Channel on YouTube


Within wHiSPER project, iCub will be instrumental for two key features. On the one hand, as a robotic tool it will allow a quantitative and repeatable measuring of perception during interaction; indeed, in a social context shared by two people, it is often impossible to reproduce and measure the exact same study case more than once. On the other hand, as a humanoid robot, iCub will represent the second agent in the shared perception. In other words, it will be possible to implement on the robot the same models governing human percepetion enabling it to exhibit adaptive behaviors.

ERC Starting Grant
Principal Investigator: Alessandra Sciutti
Period: 3/2019- 2/2024. G.A: 804388

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