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upcoming events

  • august 31: Ro-man 2020-29th ieee international conference on robot and human interactive communication, will be held virtually

    workshop "cognitive robotics for interaction (CIRCE)"

  • september 7: ieee-icdl international conference on development and learning and epigenetic robotics valparaÍso, chile

    workshop "affective shared perception"

  • November 4-7, Rome (Italy), Studi di Cinecittà, will be held virtually


  • Stay tuned for updates !

    There are no other upcoming events at this time


    Adapted intEraction with SociAl Robots

    caesar 2020

    The aim of this Workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are working on various aspects of social robotics and adaptive interaction. The expected result of the workshop is a multidisciplinary research agenda that will inform future research directions and hopefully, forge some research collaborations. 

    Adaptation and Personalization in Human-Robot Interaction

    SMC 2019

    Social robots are autonomous robots that interact with people by engaging in social-emotive behaviours, skills, capacities, and rules attached to their collaborative role. Creating robotic systems capable of correctly modelling and recognizing the human behaviour and of adapting their behaviour to the user is a very critical task, especially in the domain of assistive robotics and when working with vulnerable user populations.



    Article on technologyreview.it (3rd August 2020) about the latest projects of the TR35 award winners in 2016. TR35 is a peer-reviewed annual award published by MIT Technology Review  ITALIA magazine, naming the world's top 35 innovators under the age of 35.



    Interview on national newspaper website Il Sole 24 ORE (28th February 2020) about the multidisciplinary approach to robotics and the robots' abilities. Themes that will be discussed within a training programme organized by "De Agostini Scuola" to bring school teaching into contact with the latest scientific advancements.


    Rai News 24

    Scientific investigation on national television channel Rai News 24 (7th February 2020) about research activities carried out at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia in Genova.

    Live streaming conference

    Fondazione Golinelli - De Agostini Scuola

    Live streaming conference on Fondazione Golinelli YouTube Channel about today's challenges and opportunities of robotics.


    corriere della sera "innovazione"

    Article on national newspaper Corriere della Sera (21st February 2020) about itinerant meetings organized by "De Agostini Scuola" to bring school teaching into contact with the world of research.


    il secolo XIX

    Interview on national newspaper Il Secolo XIX (25th October 2019) about enabling AI to perceive emotions and to understand the context of interaction.

    talk review

    SLA, Skaraborgs Allehanda

    Review on local newspaper SLA Skaraborgs Allehanda (20 March 2019) about the talk "Robot & Humans: from mutual understanding to interaction and trust" at the AIR project kick-out meeting in Skӧvde.


    National radio RadioTreScienza (30 July 2018) and  La voce di Genova” 

    Interview on national radio station RadioTreScienza (30 July 2018) and on the local web magazine La voce di Genova” (6 August 2018) on the ERC project.
    Story also covered in a national newspaper article in La Repubblica (6 August 2018)

    past events


    "L’intelligenza delle macchine"

    Alessandra Sciutti, bioingegnere
    Luisa Damiano, filosofa
    Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, informatico e filosofo

    Monday, November 18th 2019 h 18:30

    Organised by Institut français Italia
    in the context of «Dialoghi del Farnese»
    Palazzo Farnese, Roma


    "Robot: Da interfaccia a interazione"

    Alessandra Sciutti

    Tuesday, October 29th 2019 h 16:00

    Università di Genova - Biblioteca di Filosofia
    Via Balbi 4, Genova
    Sala Ex Direzione del DIF, 1th floor

    Speech by Alessandra Sciutti at

    "Intelligenza 2.0: quando l'intelligenza, da soggetto che innova, diventa oggetto di innovazione"

    Meeting organised by The ruling companies

    Wednesday, May 15th 2019 h 17:00



    "Towards an Affective-Aware Perception-Action Cycle for HRI"

    Pablo Barros - Postdoctoral research associate Universität Hamburg

    Wednesday, April 17th 2019 h 11:00

    IIT Genova Erzelli,
    Via Enrico Melen 83, Building B
    GREAT Campus Event room, 12th floor


    "Temporal Processing of Successive Intervals in Human Brain"

    Min Susan Li – School of Psychology, University of Birmingham

    Friday, March 29th 2019 h 10:30

    IIT Genova Erzelli,
    Via Enrico Melen 83, Building B
    GREAT Campus Event room, 12th floor


    "Gaze patterns reveal adaptive mechanisms of strategy selection in individual and social decision making"

    Joshua Zonca -University of Trento - Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC)

    Friday March 8th 2019 h 11:00

    IIT Genova Erzelli,
    Via Enrico Melen 83, Building B
    GREAT Campus Event room, 12th floor




    New paper out @ICDL_EpiRob 2020: "Action similarity judgment based on kinematic primitives" in collaboration with School of Informatics of @UNIofSkovde, @malga_center at @UniGenova and @RBCS_IIT has been accepted!

    Read more



    “Modeling Human Motion. A Task at the Crossroads of #Neuroscience, #ComputerVision and #Robotics” New BOOK out, edited by @Nico_Noceti, @alefreedot and @netspash with many outstanding contributions! Have a look here: link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2… @malga_center @RBCS_IIT @IITalk

    Read more


    Oggi @alefreedot parlerà insieme a @markuskrienke e a Michele Focchi -> “Verso l’era dei robot umanoidi : Due scienziati ed un filosofo di etica sociale si interrogano su quanto manca alla creazione di un robot con coscienza ed intenzionalità e sulle relative conseguenze etiche” twitter.com/IITalk/status/…

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    RT @IITalk: Realizzato da @_I_RIM_ il nuovo questionario per conoscere i bisogni dei lavoratori nella Fase 2 e 3 di #COVID19. Tra le autr…

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    "A deep understanding of human motion is essential for robotics applications, where the ability to detect, represent and recognize human dynamics and the capability of generating appropriate movements in response sets the scene for higher-level tasks." #ML #CV #Robotics #HRI twitter.com/alefreedot/sta…

    Read more

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    Principal Investigator: Alessandra Sciutti
    Period: 3/2019- 2/2024. G.A: 804388

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